Jennifer Radford was born in Lachine Quebec, and grew up in a small town called Almonte, near Ottawa. She studied  at Queen’s University, and worked as a professional theatre artist in Kingston for many years. Now based in Toronto, Jennifer loves creating things.

Artist, actor, director, writer, web-and-graphic-designer-for-hire, singer, maker. Tech whiz & computer geek.  Bookaholic. In her spare time, she builds vintage bicycles and is a past member of the Board of Directors at Bikesauce, a DIY bike repair space and community hub. She’s been guardian to many awesome big dogs and is currently owned by three cats — Sturmey, Archer, and Sprocket — who have been known to make appearances in her artwork.

To contact Jennifer, please email jennifer.radford.art.design@gmail.com.

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Gallery Shows which have featured my work:

  • Reversion – Super Wonder gallery – April 2016 (one piece)
  • Spectrum – Tantra – June 2016 (five pieces)
  • Raw “Verve” Show – Mod Club – August 2016 (several pieces)
  • Emerging Toronto Artist Awards 2016 – District 28 – October 2016 (two pieces)
  • 4×4 (and a little more) show at #hashtaggallery – December 2016 (ten pieces from the Retro Game and Geek Minis series)
  • ETA Tea Party art show December 2016 (several pieces)
  • ETA/District 28 Holiday Market Show – Dec 2016 (several pieces)
  • I Dream In Colour – Artusiasm – April 2017 (five pieces from the Little Monsters series)
  • All About Women – Artusiasm – May 2017 (one piece from the Little Monsters series)
  • Freedom Factory’s Pop Up Art Loft show – May 2017 (two pieces from the Space Kitteh series)
  • ETA Steampunk Show – Super Wonder gallery – June 2017 (two pieces from the Space Kitteh series)
  • Star Trek Show – Super Wonder gallery – August 2017 (one piece from the Space Kitteh series)
  • ETA Tarot Show – Freedom Factory – November 2017 (Death Card, one piece)


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